Portland Convergence, January 25th and 26th

We’re going to be getting together again–this time in Portland with our hosts at Lewis and Clark Coop and Food for Thought.

Community Agreements for the Event
Inclusivity – Even though not every activity will cater to your strengths, we hope to create a comfortable space for everyone.
Move up/Move up – We all lead in different ways and at different volumes. We encourage those who often take visible leadership roles to move up by moving back and listening to the voices of others before contributing, and for those who more often take quiet leadership roles to move up and speak up.
Participatory peer-to-peer learning – Along the lines of popular education, we hope to de-emphasize the role of leader and amplify the role of participant.
Constant feedback – We are here to challenge ourselves, support each other, and grow as individuals and as a community.


Friday 25th
1pm – Meet and eat at Food for Thought, student-run cafe at 1825 SW Broadway, Smith Memorial Union, Portland State University

2pm – Welcome! Share our individual identities as well as the identities of our coops. I got secrets planned!

3pm – Tour of Food for Thought and talk shop

4pm – Skillshare! We’ll be touching on topics like: meetings and making decisions, training and institutionalizing knowledge with student turnover, structuring our organizations and work, and outreach and marketing.

5pm – Food for Thought all-employee meeting

6pm – Get BUS #19 to The Red and Black Cafe

7pm – Dinner at Red and Black–a worker-owned, vegan cafe at 400 SE 12th Avenue. Eat, tour, and Q&A sesh. I am excited to ask them questions about how to do the on-going work of deconstructing privilege and power dynamics within our own organizations to maintain cooperation and functionality. What about you? Bring your questions!

Saturday 26th
Breakfast – BYOB (Bring your own breakfast), or sleep in, or my favorite: you can meet up with me and we can go eat somewhere together!

10am – Tools for Success Workshop with Shawn Furst, Development Director, at People’s Food Coop, 3029 SE 21st Ave. She has great things planned!

1pm – Lunch at Lewis and Clark student-run coop, 615 SW Palatine Hill Road. Some of our Portland Consultants have been invited, but are not sure they can come. Keep your fingers crossed! They will be Marc Hinz (a founder of Food For Thought) who specializes in contract law and campus organizing and Jaime Leclerc (Columbia Gorge Juice) who specializes in food science and kitchen management.

1:30pm – What’s happening in CoFED now? Anna’s report back and group brainstorm on plans for the Northwest Region

2:30pm – Closing circle and debrief!

3pm – Ciao! Until next time.


National Student Leadership Summit taking place in Philadelphia, January 4-6!

Cultivating Cooperative Leadership: Growing the Movement!
Our National Student Leadership Summit will have speakers, professionals and students sharing skills and models for leadership development within cooperative and food justice frameworks. We will be learning how student-run food co-ops cultivate and regenerate leadership and structure themselves for success! You’ll leave with close friends, renewed passions and skills and resources to pass onto your team and your campus.

The National Student Leadership Summit will be cooperatively organized!
Meaning it will be collectively and democratically run by both planners and participants! We will be organizing and planning our National Student Leadership Summit over the next few months and will be reaching out to students and cooperative and food justice professionals to join us! We are making space to empower everyone who wants to be involved in structuring and implementing this summits workshops, panels, field trips, speakers and activities! We will be posting and sending out ways folks can get involved with our planning committees and on the ground logistics!

Ways you can plug in!

Kitchen Manager Positions
CoFED is currently looking for a Kitchen Manager to cook for this retreat. If you are interested, email Tyneisha@cofed.org, with “Kitchen Manager” as the subject.

If you are interested in facilitating, proposing or suggesting a workshop for the National Student Leadership Summit send a “Summit Workshop” email to Tyneisha@cofed.org.

We’ll need on the ground volunteers for the summit so if you are planning on attending or live in the Philadelphia area and want to help host this event shoot a ‘Summit Volunteer’ email to Tyneisha@cofed.org.

Event Details

We will be welcoming, training and learning from our student teams at the Friends Center of Philadelphia!! The address is 1501 Cherry Street Philadelphia, PA. Check out the amazing space here: http://www.friendscentercorp.org/.

To register, go to http://cofedwintersummit.brownpapertickets.com/
Register fully before December 5th for the early bird price of $75. Full price is on a sliding scale of $100-150.
If you need a scholarship…
We are looking for people who are committed to their projects and have a specific financial situation that prevents them from attending without aid. The Northwest has a scholarship budget of $800 to cover registration reimbursements and/or travel. I am working hard to find more money elsewhere, and would suggest to ask your schools for funding to go as well if possible. If you want to go and cannot acquire funding from elsewhere, you must let me know your financial needs by December 1st. Students should confirm a scholarship with me first, then register and purchase means of travel, pay full price and expect reimbursement ASAP.

Fall Travels

Fall has brought the start of school, and the start of our food coop efforts on our campuses. Now that things are up and running and we are all attending our weekly coop meetings, I’ve been traveling to meet the new crews of organizers and see the changes you all have made to your spaces. Right now, I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Portland, hanging out with Michelle Week, who serves on the Board of People’s Food Coop. I just met her and many other coop professionals that want to aid youth efforts at the Northwest Food Coops Conference in Seattle, organized by the Northwest Coop Development Center. Michelle is helping us start a bulk buying and inventory program with the awesome coopers at Lewis and Clark, who we are meeting later today. Yesterday, I got to attend a Food for Thought meeting and see all those good folks. They just re-opened after their space was flooded over the summer, and are going strong! Hopefully, we’ll see them again at the Northwest Convergence. And next week, my travels will take me up to visit the UW student food collective and Sprouts way up in Vancouver Canada. I’m excited to see all of you!

Fall Opportunities

1. We have a Webinar Opportunity for you! On November 6th, Anna Lappe, national bestselling author and public speaker, will host a Webinar through CoFED. If anyone is interested in just tuning in or event hosting a larger event around the webinar on your campus, let us know. Students involved in CoFED all over the country will be hosting cooked lunches, round table discussions after the webinar, workshops about coops, etc. It’s a great way to outreach to your larger campus and even do a little fundraising. The webinar is already set up, so all you’d have to do is think of an idea and encourage people to come hang out. Let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll set you up with details and begin supporting your efforts 🙂

2. FarmPlate is a national directory of 40,000 farmers, food processors, distributors, restaurants, etc. They want to offer membership to you for free and allow you to promote yourself and find local food sources. If you are interested, let’s set up a profile in a few minutes and get rolling!

3. CoFED has received a grant from the 11th Hour Project to create a Sustainable Animal Sourcing Program. If you are interested, you can enlist your Regional Organizer to do research around finding local dairy, egg, and meat products, as well as test inexpensive recipes that were developed for us by the Weston A. Price Foundation.

CoFED’s Northwest Fall Convergence

Gathering of Student-Run Food Coops

Saturday November 3rd – Sunday November 5th

Olympia, Washington


Registration deadline: October 27th


-Lunch, tour, and Q & A session with the Olympia Food Coop. They will talk to us about what it’s like managing volunteers and sourcing food in the PNW.

-Worker-owned Red and Black Cafe from Portland comes to visit for a Q & A session on what it’s like maintaining a “grown-up coop” and still keeping it radical.

-Meet the Dispute Resolution Center! They will give a short workshop on building your organizational capacity and effectiveness through anti-oppression and consensus-building techniques.

-Dinner with our Regional Consultants. Meet the people that live in our region and want to help you! Including: the founder of Food for Thought, president of the Northwest Cooperative Development Center, representative from People’s Food Coop in Portland, regional organizer from Real Food Challenge, and Seattle’s S.L.I.C.E. (Supporting Local Independent Coops Everywhere). If there are other advisers/experts you’d like to invite to dinner or want me to invite, let me know!


-Tour of the Flaming Eggplant Cafe! See their space and meet their food quality team!

-Skillshare/open space. If you have a workshop or topic you would like to teach, facilitate, learn about, we want to create space for you to do that! Let us know.

-Write a regional mission statement: Brainstorm what we stand for and what we want to do as a connected region.

-Coop movie and Co-opoly board game night!


-Local farm tour with Calliope farm (vendor to the Eggplant). They will tell us what we need to do to build good relationships with our local producers.

-Eat lunch at the Flaming Eggplant (only open during the weekdays) so we can check out their tasty menu.

-Go on a hike to the Puget Sound in the Evergreen woods!

-Attend the Flaming Eggplant’s all-employee meeting to observe their style of meeting facilitation.

West Coast Summer Training

June 17th-23rd in Georgetown, California

Space is limited. Make sure your coop is represented! Register before May 27th for Early Bird price.

An hour outside of Sacramento, on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada foothills, we’ll have 5 days of speakers, workshops, field trips, regional networking, team building, good food and fun! Get together a group of students from your campus cooperative to represent and connect on the regional level while learning and sharing information on organizing, business planning and operations implementation, cooperatives, food justice, regional resources and tools, facilitation, consensus, anti-oppression, as well as hard kitchen skills. Click on West Coast Summer Training in the top menu bar to learn more!

Fair Trade Federation Conference

Bellevue, WA – May 21-23, 2012

There’s still time to register! Visit www.fairtradefederation.org/conferenceregistration

Monday, May 21

10:00 AM – 5:30 PM:  Registration open

1:00 – 5:00 PM:  Fair Trade Federation members meeting 

6:00 PM:  Welcome Dinner: All participants are invited to join us for our welcome dinner.  Catch up with friends and meet new colleagues as we celebrate fair trade.

Tuesday, May 22

8:15 AM:  Breakfast buffet:  Join us for coffee and breakfast as we prepare to share ideas and learn from each other.

9:00 AM:  Plenary Session

10:30 AM:  Breakout Sessions I

12:00 PM:  Lunch Buffet

1:00 – 3:15 PM:  Breakout Sessions II and III

4:00 – 6:30:  Fair Trade Expo:  Open to the public!  Fair Trade Federation members will sell their products and share stories from their artisan partners. 

Evening:  Dinner on your own  

Wednesday, May 23

8:15 AM:  Breakfast buffet

9:00 AM:  Breakout Sessions IV

11:00 AM:  Roundtable Discussions:  Join colleagues in sharing ideas and best practices in fair trade. Roundtable discussions will be held for retailers, wholesalers, fair trade cafes, and more.

12:00 PM:  Lunch Buffet: Continue your discussions informally over lunch, or meet someone new.

1:00 – 2:30 PM:  Closing Session

Happening Now!

Real Food Challenge on UW’s Campus!

The Real Food Challenge (RFC) at UW is hosting a Tasting Event in residence halls to educate students about local food sourcing and vendors. They hope to get students interested in new products from local vendors and collect their feedback to ultimately get these new products on campus! They work with Michael Meyering, HFS Project and Sustainability Manager, who scouts potential vendors and companies. Michael will be in attendance at this event. We want to host more tasting events with different vendors to engage the student body.

When: Tuesday April 17 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Where: Lander Hall (LAN)  Room L-132
Anticipated local vendors:
Twin Brook Creamery (milk)
Belly Timber Survival Bars (organic snacks)
Maltby Produce (Produce)
3 Sisters Cattle Company (Beef)

Upcoming Opportunities with the National Student Food Charter (Canada)

A lot is brewing in Canada around food justice on college campuses. Check it out…

June 11-12: Enter a draw to be on the drafting team for the National Student Food Charter. Participants are invited to apply for a two-day session in Toronto with local food systems experts to help draft the session submissions into national principles. This is an awesome opportunity to connect with fellow student foodies and professional ones too! Our roster includes: Lauren Baker, Chair of Toronto Food Policy Council, Mustafa Koc, founder of Canadian Association of Food Studies, Amanda Sheedy, Coordinator of Food Secure Canada, and Joshna Maharaj, Chef, writer and activist. Deadline to submit an entry is this Friday, April 13th!

August 17-19: Attend the 2012 National Student Food Summit – we’ll be talking about the future of food on campus, presenting the National Student Food Charter, along with workshops on how to use the National Charter on your campus. Early-bird registration is only $85 – get on the Summit priority list by clicking this link and then clicking to “register”.

Don’t forget to check out what other campuses are saying !