Northwest RO update, Amy

January 30th – February 5th

Hi ya’ll!  Last week was pretty exciting for Anna and I. We have now made contact with all of the cooperatives in the region that have been in involved with CoFED in the past, and we’re nearing our first NW Roundtable call. From now on I will try to write a weekly update of my whereabouts and connections to the co-ops. Soon I will backdate some entries accounting for all the weeks from the beginning of 2012, the UN declared International Year of the Cooperatives!

Monday, January 30th

I wrote “blogathon” on my time sheet for this morning.  Basically Anna and I emailed and called each other back and forth about the blog content and layout: clicking, tweaking, typing until I thought my eyes were going to fall out of my head.

That night after our weekly call with all  of the regional organizers I made a quick stop in on the UBC Sprouts executive board meeting to say hello to the board. I got to see the rest of the folks that weren’t able to come to the Winter Retreat in Berkeley, and introduce what’s starting up in the Northwest. There was a lot of interest from the group to talk more about the role Sprouts members want to play in the regional network. I took down names to schedule a meeting for the next week. I was overwhelmed and energized by their enthusiasm. So excited to get together and hear everyone’s ideas!

Wednesday, February 1

I join the University of Washington Student Food Cooperative meeting via Skype. It was quite the comical and delightful way to meet the group. I was projected onto a huge screen and the group shouted their answers to the computer microphone from across the room! I’m really excited to follow up with the UWSFC and learn more about the specifics of their project this term. Anna and I are planning our visits to UW, Western, and Sprouts in the coming weeks.

Friday, February 3

I visit the SFU Local Food Project open house. They have some awesome projects running already and in the works. I got to chat with a few members on the group. This group has a lot of support from the university and a lot of resources available. They currently are running a green box program and have a market garden, youth education program and community kitchen project in the works.

Saturday, February 4

I wake up and put on my superhero cape for CoFED.  I have volunteered to help fundraise for our current donor drive. We have been challenged by our Founders Circle to pledge 212 new monthly donors this year at just $12 a month. If we  meet the challenge by April 1st, we  will receive $125,000  over the next few years! My first call turned out to be the mother of a former CoFED staff member, who just moved up to Vancouver! I’m so excited to have CoFED company up here and get the details on what has been happening over the past two years.

Sunday, February 5

Western Washington University Student Food Cooperative in Bellingham solidifies their values and develops a mission statement throughout a three-hour Sunday planning session. I can’t wait to visit Bellingham and meet the team.


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