February 6 -12, Northwest RO update, Amy

February 6th – February 12th

Hi ya’ll! Here are some bits and pieces of last week.  This week, Anna and I will be at the UWSFC mid-week and then I return to Vancouver for the SYC Western Canada Sustainable Campuses Conference at Simon Fraser University.

Monday, February 6

I met with six of the UBC Sprouts board members to talk about the NW network and how Sprouts would like to be involved.  Everyone is really excited to connect with the other student groups and begin a two-way learning exchange. Already there is interest in cross-pollination between the East and West coasts for the summer incubation. Council reps have been chosen and many members of the group are eager to document the current operating model of Sprouts to share with the network.

Tuesday, February 7

I met a CoFEDerate who recently moved to Vancouver, Cory Bensen. Cory worked with CoFED in Berkeley for over a year and moved up to Vancouver a few months ago.  I left lunch with Cory to speak with the lovely Megan, web guru for Sprouts and passionate sustainable food advocate, and then off to the staff call.

Updates from CoFED staff:

Some unfortunate news: Che Cafe at UC San Diego needs to raise 12K by March in order to stay operational. Janaki, the Southern California organizer is working with them and will let us know how we can help them accomplish their goal! Currently, there is a “funkraiser” in the works.

Pleasing updates: Christine, the Northeast RO, ran a concensus building workshop at NYU. The Northeast is gearing up for a leaders retreat that is coming up fast.  Sam Young from University of Michigan sent an email during our call informing us that their co-op just got 35K to start up a food cart on their campus!

Wednesday, February 8

I joined a call with the Canadian Student Food Charter organizers to get the scoop on the Charter and what’s happening on campuses across the country. More on this to come.

Thursday, February 9

The west coast ROs chat about plans for the summer incubation and student feedback thus far.

Friday, February 10

I venture down to Bellingham to visit the Western Washington University campus.  Anna and I went to a potluck at Chelsea Enwall’s lovely home and met with a few members of the WWUSFC crew.

Saturday, February 11

I had a lovely breakfast with Anna and Chelsea on a beautiful Bellingham morning and drove back just in time for my shift at the Vancouver Tool Library. I wish I could have stayed longer in Bham, but Chelsea assures me that the mead bar will still be there when I return.

Sunday, February 12

A much needed personal day.


I apologize for the brevity of this update! There is more to say about all of this, but this week is already shaping up to be ridiculous. It is potentially humanly impossible for me to accomplish all I have set myself up for, but I suppose you will find out next week if I divulge the details.

Have a good week, everyone!



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