Coop Constitutional Convention

New Co-op Leaders Invited to Attend

Special Sessions for Startup Organizers at CCMA 2012: June 14-16, Philadelphia

Ready for a cooperative constitutional convention!? Come to Philadelphia for this year’s legendary assembly of food co-operators and let’s declare our independence from speculative investors with a rallying cry of WE OWN IT!

About the Event

The Consumer Cooperative Management Association (CCMA) Annual Conference unites leaders from food cooperatives around the country to improve operations, consumer education and marketing strategies. The CCMA conference is jointly sponsored by the National Cooperative Business Association and the University of Wisconsin Urban Cooperative Initiative. Hosted by Weavers Way Co-op

Food Co-op Initiative workshops for startup organizers will include:

  • Facilitated panel discussion for startup organizers
  • Case study panel featuring a newer (open) food co-op
  • Using internet technology to make organizing more effective (Jake Schlachter)
  • Save time and money by hiring a membership & marketing coordinator (Suzi Carter)
  • Mobile markets– an low capital option for supporting marginal markets (Micha Josephy)

Conference Registration:

Register online at
Early bird pricing (before 5/11):
$735 NCBA members and $815 nonmembers
Each year, approximately 20 people attend CCMA on scholarships from the Howard Bowers Fund. For scholarships to CCMA, contact

Check out all the conferece details at See you there!


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