CoFED’s Northwest Fall Convergence

Gathering of Student-Run Food Coops

Saturday November 3rd – Sunday November 5th

Olympia, Washington


Registration deadline: October 27th


-Lunch, tour, and Q & A session with the Olympia Food Coop. They will talk to us about what it’s like managing volunteers and sourcing food in the PNW.

-Worker-owned Red and Black Cafe from Portland comes to visit for a Q & A session on what it’s like maintaining a “grown-up coop” and still keeping it radical.

-Meet the Dispute Resolution Center! They will give a short workshop on building your organizational capacity and effectiveness through anti-oppression and consensus-building techniques.

-Dinner with our Regional Consultants. Meet the people that live in our region and want to help you! Including: the founder of Food for Thought, president of the Northwest Cooperative Development Center, representative from People’s Food Coop in Portland, regional organizer from Real Food Challenge, and Seattle’s S.L.I.C.E. (Supporting Local Independent Coops Everywhere). If there are other advisers/experts you’d like to invite to dinner or want me to invite, let me know!


-Tour of the Flaming Eggplant Cafe! See their space and meet their food quality team!

-Skillshare/open space. If you have a workshop or topic you would like to teach, facilitate, learn about, we want to create space for you to do that! Let us know.

-Write a regional mission statement: Brainstorm what we stand for and what we want to do as a connected region.

-Coop movie and Co-opoly board game night!


-Local farm tour with Calliope farm (vendor to the Eggplant). They will tell us what we need to do to build good relationships with our local producers.

-Eat lunch at the Flaming Eggplant (only open during the weekdays) so we can check out their tasty menu.

-Go on a hike to the Puget Sound in the Evergreen woods!

-Attend the Flaming Eggplant’s all-employee meeting to observe their style of meeting facilitation.


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