Fall Opportunities

1. We have a Webinar Opportunity for you! On November 6th, Anna Lappe, national bestselling author and public speaker, will host a Webinar through CoFED. If anyone is interested in just tuning in or event hosting a larger event around the webinar on your campus, let us know. Students involved in CoFED all over the country will be hosting cooked lunches, round table discussions after the webinar, workshops about coops, etc. It’s a great way to outreach to your larger campus and even do a little fundraising. The webinar is already set up, so all you’d have to do is think of an idea and encourage people to come hang out. Let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll set you up with details and begin supporting your efforts 🙂

2. FarmPlate is a national directory of 40,000 farmers, food processors, distributors, restaurants, etc. They want to offer membership to you for free and allow you to promote yourself and find local food sources. If you are interested, let’s set up a profile in a few minutes and get rolling!

3. CoFED has received a grant from the 11th Hour Project to create a Sustainable Animal Sourcing Program. If you are interested, you can enlist your Regional Organizer to do research around finding local dairy, egg, and meat products, as well as test inexpensive recipes that were developed for us by the Weston A. Price Foundation.


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