Fall Travels

Fall has brought the start of school, and the start of our food coop efforts on our campuses. Now that things are up and running and we are all attending our weekly coop meetings, I’ve been traveling to meet the new crews of organizers and see the changes you all have made to your spaces. Right now, I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Portland, hanging out with Michelle Week, who serves on the Board of People’s Food Coop. I just met her and many other coop professionals that want to aid youth efforts at the Northwest Food Coops Conference in Seattle, organized by the Northwest Coop Development Center. Michelle is helping us start a bulk buying and inventory program with the awesome coopers at Lewis and Clark, who we are meeting later today. Yesterday, I got to attend a Food for Thought meeting and see all those good folks. They just re-opened after their space was flooded over the summer, and are going strong! Hopefully, we’ll see them again at the Northwest Convergence. And next week, my travels will take me up to visit the UW student food collective and Sprouts way up in Vancouver Canada. I’m excited to see all of you!


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