National Student Leadership Summit taking place in Philadelphia, January 4-6!

Cultivating Cooperative Leadership: Growing the Movement!
Our National Student Leadership Summit will have speakers, professionals and students sharing skills and models for leadership development within cooperative and food justice frameworks. We will be learning how student-run food co-ops cultivate and regenerate leadership and structure themselves for success! You’ll leave with close friends, renewed passions and skills and resources to pass onto your team and your campus.

The National Student Leadership Summit will be cooperatively organized!
Meaning it will be collectively and democratically run by both planners and participants! We will be organizing and planning our National Student Leadership Summit over the next few months and will be reaching out to students and cooperative and food justice professionals to join us! We are making space to empower everyone who wants to be involved in structuring and implementing this summits workshops, panels, field trips, speakers and activities! We will be posting and sending out ways folks can get involved with our planning committees and on the ground logistics!

Ways you can plug in!

Kitchen Manager Positions
CoFED is currently looking for a Kitchen Manager to cook for this retreat. If you are interested, email, with “Kitchen Manager” as the subject.

If you are interested in facilitating, proposing or suggesting a workshop for the National Student Leadership Summit send a “Summit Workshop” email to

We’ll need on the ground volunteers for the summit so if you are planning on attending or live in the Philadelphia area and want to help host this event shoot a ‘Summit Volunteer’ email to

Event Details

We will be welcoming, training and learning from our student teams at the Friends Center of Philadelphia!! The address is 1501 Cherry Street Philadelphia, PA. Check out the amazing space here:

To register, go to
Register fully before December 5th for the early bird price of $75. Full price is on a sliding scale of $100-150.
If you need a scholarship…
We are looking for people who are committed to their projects and have a specific financial situation that prevents them from attending without aid. The Northwest has a scholarship budget of $800 to cover registration reimbursements and/or travel. I am working hard to find more money elsewhere, and would suggest to ask your schools for funding to go as well if possible. If you want to go and cannot acquire funding from elsewhere, you must let me know your financial needs by December 1st. Students should confirm a scholarship with me first, then register and purchase means of travel, pay full price and expect reimbursement ASAP.


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