Portland Convergence, January 25th and 26th

We’re going to be getting together again–this time in Portland with our hosts at Lewis and Clark Coop and Food for Thought.

Community Agreements for the Event
Inclusivity – Even though not every activity will cater to your strengths, we hope to create a comfortable space for everyone.
Move up/Move up – We all lead in different ways and at different volumes. We encourage those who often take visible leadership roles to move up by moving back and listening to the voices of others before contributing, and for those who more often take quiet leadership roles to move up and speak up.
Participatory peer-to-peer learning – Along the lines of popular education, we hope to de-emphasize the role of leader and amplify the role of participant.
Constant feedback – We are here to challenge ourselves, support each other, and grow as individuals and as a community.


Friday 25th
1pm – Meet and eat at Food for Thought, student-run cafe at 1825 SW Broadway, Smith Memorial Union, Portland State University

2pm – Welcome! Share our individual identities as well as the identities of our coops. I got secrets planned!

3pm – Tour of Food for Thought and talk shop

4pm – Skillshare! We’ll be touching on topics like: meetings and making decisions, training and institutionalizing knowledge with student turnover, structuring our organizations and work, and outreach and marketing.

5pm – Food for Thought all-employee meeting

6pm – Get BUS #19 to The Red and Black Cafe

7pm – Dinner at Red and Black–a worker-owned, vegan cafe at 400 SE 12th Avenue. Eat, tour, and Q&A sesh. I am excited to ask them questions about how to do the on-going work of deconstructing privilege and power dynamics within our own organizations to maintain cooperation and functionality. What about you? Bring your questions!

Saturday 26th
Breakfast – BYOB (Bring your own breakfast), or sleep in, or my favorite: you can meet up with me and we can go eat somewhere together!

10am – Tools for Success Workshop with Shawn Furst, Development Director, at People’s Food Coop, 3029 SE 21st Ave. She has great things planned!

1pm – Lunch at Lewis and Clark student-run coop, 615 SW Palatine Hill Road. Some of our Portland Consultants have been invited, but are not sure they can come. Keep your fingers crossed! They will be Marc Hinz (a founder of Food For Thought) who specializes in contract law and campus organizing and Jaime Leclerc (Columbia Gorge Juice) who specializes in food science and kitchen management.

1:30pm – What’s happening in CoFED now? Anna’s report back and group brainstorm on plans for the Northwest Region

2:30pm – Closing circle and debrief!

3pm – Ciao! Until next time.


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