Summer Retreats
This last summer, student teams from all over the West Coast met in the Sierra Mountains of California for serious training and relaxing fun! We spent 5 days taking hikes and swimming in the lake, and listening to amazing speakers and participating in workshops on everything from anti-oppression to finances.

National Winter Summits
Leaders from teams met in January in Philadelphia to share skills and models for leadership development within cooperative and food justice frameworks. We learned how student-run food co-ops cultivate and regenerate leadership and structure themselves for success! We left with close friends, renewed passions, and skills and resources to pass onto our teams.

Regional Convergences
Everyone involved in the Northwest Network meets somewhere in the region as much as we can! Last spring we met for a day in Seattle. In the Fall we met for 3 days in Olympia. And in the winter we met for 2 days in Portland. These spaces are open to be structured as the network sees fit with intention to cultivate our relationships for movement building. We often go on tours of each other’s spaces and other cooperatives, meet our regional consultants, and share skills and experiences with each other.

Casual Meet Ups
Want to visit your coop friends in Vancouver or going to Seattle and need a place to stay? Get connected through your Regional Organizer to hang out with friends in the Northwest.


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