Are you interested in being on the Board of Directors for a national non-profit? Every year, we vote a Northwest Regional student organizer to represent our region on board and participate in CoFED’s development.
Participants: Eli Evans, Flaming Eggplant

Internship & Generator Program
Earn academic credit by interning with CoFED and/or working on your coops’ projects
Participants: Megan Svoboda, Communications Intern

Student Roundtable
Be a student representative of your coop and a liaison to the regional network.
Participants: People from every team!

Staff Adviser Roundtable
Staff advisers need support too! We host events and calls for them to share experiences and discuss how to better support their students and each other.
Participants: Sarah Rocker, Flaming Eggplant; Sean Ferris, UWSFC; Shannon Timm, Food For Thought; Catherine Jones, Rusty Nail

Consultants Cabinet
To help you out and give you legitimacy with your campus administrators, we’ve asked some of the most seasoned professionals we know to be available for a few hours each month to take calls and emails from you to answer any questions you have!
Participants: Northwest Cooperative Development Center, People’s Food Coop, Olympia Food Coop, Central Food Coop, SLICE, Real Food Challenge, Red and Black Cafe, Dispute-Resolution Washington, Puget Sound Food Network.

Individual Action Plans
Your Regional Organizer is only a phone call away and can come visit you as needed to mentor you through all of your challenges and major steps. Make an action plan with us so we can provide you with intensive consultation around the following:

  • Cooperative Leadership and Team Building
  • Cooperative Organizational Development: Policy, Accountability, Internal Communication, and Institutional Memory
  • Anti-Oppression & Conflict Mediation/Resolution
  • Meeting skills: Facilitation & Consensus Training
  • Strategic Planning: Goal Setting and Restructuring
  • Business Plans and Implementation
  • Market Research and Concept Design
  • Grant Reviews & Fundraising
  • Capacity Building and Self-Management
  • Menu Planning & Sourcing
  • Event Planning & General Programming
  • Technical Systems: POS, Inventory, Bookkeeping
  • Keeping Out of the Red: Budgeting & Pricing
  • Campaign-Building, Outreach and Promotion
  • Working with College Administration and Corporate Food Service Provider
  • Taxes: Filing Guides and Software
  • Legal Advice: Incorporation, Leases, Insurance, Contracts, Certification

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