Meet our Administrative Team

Yonatan Landau, Chief Evangelist

Yoni is the co-founder of CoFED. After launching a successful campaign to prevent the first fast food chain from opening at UC Berkeley, he helped raise over $120,000 for a cooperative alternative, the Berkeley Student Food Collective. He’s been a fellow of the New Leader’s council, spoken at conferences like the Slow Money National Gathering and been featured as Huffington Post’s “Greatest Person of the Day” He loves to cook vegetables in his Bay Area kitchen and enjoys improv theater, singing, and smiling.

Danny Spitzberg, Lead Trainer

Danny Spitzberg works to promote civic entrepreneurship in society. As CoFED’s Lead Trainer, he coordinates efforts to help students bridge idealism in education with real-world experience. Danny completed his masters degree on entrepreneurship’s role in space exploration, but his passion for on-the-ground progress is rooted in food and agriculture. He has developed curriculum for and taught several environmental studies courses. In 2002, Danny moved to Montreal, where people defeat winter by snowshoeing to cook dinner together. He co-founded Gorilla Composting, a student group at McGill University that campaigned for $250,00 to implement its organic waste recycling plan. He also co-founded and co-edited Stationaery Press. After trials and travails and tales of adventure, Danny moved to Madison, WI in 2008, where he helped create Slow Food UW–Madison, a group that began with weekly dinners and grew into a multi-stakeholder cooperative with 25 student interns running a café, a CSA share, and several community outreach projects. As a Fellow at the Breakthrough Institute in 2009, Danny researched how smart public investment can build a better society, an approach that inspires most of his work. Danny loves to build bikes and throw parties.

Meet the Regional Organizers

Anna Isaacs, Northwest Regional Organizer

Anna Isaacs graduated from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington in June of 2011. There, she studied locally directed development, focusing specifically on food systems and cooperative economics. She has hands on experience from working at the student-run cooperative café, The Flaming Eggplant for three years, as well as visiting and working in cooperatives in Venezuela and Peru. Organizers like Paulo Freire and Myles Horton inspire her own work. Most important to her are her family and friends! Her goals for the following year are to learn more on the fiddle, see some new places, and learn skills to be handier in her community.

Eric Recchia, incoming Northern California Regional Organizer –

Eric first joined CoFED during the spring of 2011 as a member of the Humboldt Student Food Collective, a CoFED team at Humboldt State University in Northern California. As a member of the HSFC, Eric has gained much insight in how to build a strong student organization and start a cooperative food business. He enjoys creating and building connections between people, networks, and organizations, and in helping others turn their ideas into reality. As the Northern California Regional Organizer, he is excited to use his experience with campaign organizing and building successful student organizations to help students start their own coops. Eric will be graduating from HSU in May 2013 with a BA in Economics and Sustainable Development, and has interests in manifesting different economic and business models to help shift the current paradigm. He is also a board member for the California Student Sustainability Coalition and a steering committee member for the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology, a student run, live-in demonstration home for sustainability at HSU. In his free time, he likes to juggle, play samba, fix bikes, and farm and cook with friends.

Lauryl Berger-Chun, incoming Northeast Regional Organizer –

After much reading, writing & pot lucking, Lauryl graduated from Sarah Lawrence College this past May with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts concentrating in sociology & literature. She first learned about CoFED from her food & ag. professor as she worked with fellow students towards establishing a campus food co-op and served as event planning intern for the 2012 Northeast Fall Convergence on Solidarity: Food, Money, Justice. She is excited by collective efforts to navigate and challenge systems of oppression, internalized and institutional. Lauryl has experience in food growing, processing, & service, most recently as an apprentice at the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm and in a little café by the tip of Prospect Park, Brooklyn. She is also currently directing her energies towards childcare at the Center for Anti-Violence Education, packing sessions with Books Through Bars, and the ongoing Sandy recovery work. If you are in the Northeast and would like support in cooperative projects and subverting dominant narratives of what people can do and be, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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